Non-Electric Pellet Stove

Wiseway Non Electric Pellet stove is the ultimate survival stove, in any emergency whether its a power outage or natural disaster you need to be prepared to stay warm, heat your home, cook and boil water. Wiseway meets and exceeds those basic needs. Wiseway with its water jacket attachment is capable of supply all the hot water you may need and because of its water heating capability it can even produce steam that can be transformed to charge batteries and more. Wiseway has attachments that can be used to bake and cook anything you may need, can heat well over 2000 sq. ft. and reach temperatures over 800 degrees in a matter of minuets. The window model will even help light up a room. Wiseway installs in a minimum of space and can set within 2 inches of compostable surfaces stove will set on a 24 x 42 inch hearth hold 60 Lbs. of fuel and run up to 36 hrs. on a single load of fuel. Pellets are easily stored in a shed or garage and for heavy populated areas pellets make more sense than trying to store several cord of wood when room is a issue. Wiseway is the only approved stove of its kind efficiency has reached 78% actually higher than most woodstoves. The stove is easily lit with a small hand held propane torch, within two minuets the stove will be up to 200 degrees and operating. Wiseway makes two models the GW1949 witch uses a 4" pellet vent and the GW2014 that use's class A chimney like a wood stove either model is available with or with out a glass view.

.wiseway glass brouchure picCheck out the review from a survival site review of the Wiseway



They Do Exist

they do exist 

Unlike Big Foot who is still being sought, the Wiseway Non-Electric Pellet Stove does exist. Wiseway's patented Gravity Feed Non- Electric Pellet Stove has been

located and now is keeping homes warm and toasty were ever they are installed independent of

the need for electricity. The Wiseway stove is fast becoming the pellet stove of choice by successfully

accomplishing what many expected from other pellet stoves and were soon disappointed when they failed

to work in a power outage, were prone to many mechanical break downs and other operating issues, not to mention many other pellet stoves are noisy.

Wiseway pellet stoves are the quietest stove on the market no blower no auger. For those wanting a blower one can be added, or by utilizing the echo fan that also operates with

no need for electricity, its a great option to move air quietly. Wiseway Pellet Stove has two models available the GW1949 which use's 4" pellet vent and the GW2014 which use's Class A 6" Chimney . Both models retail at $1999.00 for either model with the Glass Door. Delivered anywhere in the Continental U.S. to a business address or closest truck dock, order yours here call for shipping quote and details ph. 541-476-2174. There is also a Stainless Steel Water Jacket capable of heating a 100 gallon water tank up to 160 degrees that can be added to supplement your hot water needs. Only an additional $375.00 and last there is a wheel kit only $40.00 for those that want the ability to move it around in shops or patios or to take hunting. Order yours today and start heating your what ever your need may be. The WiseWay


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